IDN Live Streamer Fund is a Rp. 50 Miliar fund to reward streamers for their dedication to making creative and authentic streams.




IDN Live is a live-streaming platform that connects content creators with their communities. Our platform allows your voice to be heard, genuine interaction to be made, and authentic relationships to be formed.

What is IDN Live Streamer Fund?

We want to show our appreciation to our amazing streamer community by rewarding them for their creativity and authenticity in live streaming.  We want all streamers to have the opportunity to earn an income doing what they love and turn their passion into a livelihood.

How are my funds calculated?

The funds that each streamer can earn are calculated through a combination of factors; including the number of stream hours and viewers, the level of engagement of chat and virtual gift, and many other factors.

Is there a limit on the number of streamers who can join?

There is no limit on the number of streamers who can join. We want as many eligible streamers as possible to earn income doing what they love on IDN Live.

Who is eligible to get the streamer fund?

EVERYONE are welcome to apply with the guidelines below:

Based in Indonesia. 18 years old & above.

Have at least 100 followers in IDN App.

Consistent in streaming daily in IDN Live.

Promotes positivity & inclusiveness.

Creative, authentic, and genuine

Comply to IDN Live's community guidelines.

Ready to be a streamer?

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